In association with our tender letter we have based our quotation / tender / proposal on the assumption that the following will be provided free of charge to SBS by others, or excluded by SBS:

  1. Provision of lighting, power and water for the works and commissioning, distribution to various work faces as required.
  2. Provision of welfare and mess facilities. Welfare facility will be located adjacent to the site.
  3. Provision of suitable hard standing for our site establishment (where required).
  4. Provision and use of lifting and or hoisting equipment as required.
  5. Clearing away of rubbish from a central point.
  6. All builders work and making good in conjunction with the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services or the cutting and sealing of holes through roof, wall structures or windows and the forming of any ducts or trenches.
  7. Secure storage areas.
  8. Protection and cleaning all installed services and equipment.
  9. Fire stopping around all ducts, pipes and cables including all cable and pipe support systems.
  10. Cleaning of any roadways and highways.
  11. Provision and use of scaffolding other than mobile access scaffold/ up to a platform height of 2.8m.


In association with our tender letter we have specifically excluded the following from our quotation / tender / proposal:

  1. Any Provisional Sums not detailed separately in our tender letter, or Tender Summary
  2. Scaffolding, high access, edge protection or handrail equipment, cranage, banksman, or lifting equipment.
  3. Any allowance for actuated smoke dampers and associated, smoke extract systems or firefighting systems including sprinkler and dry/wet risers unless specifically noted as included.
  4. The provision of any temporary services. or the maintaining of existing services.
  5. The provision of water, or fuels, for commissioning and drying out or equipment to control the environmental conditions pre hand over.
  6. Any asbestos identification, sampling or removal.
  7. Rainwater systems, rainwater harvesting or guttering.
  8. Utility services, utility meters and incoming supplies.
  9. Forming boxing, service ducts, access covers, hatches, cabinets, etc.
  10. The provision of any financial bonds.
  11. The protection or making good of any decor or part of the structure. Excludes plant room combustion air louvres, doors.
  12. Natural ventilation or natural ventilation airways.
  13. Out of hours working.
  14. Stripping out of any existing services, or locating existing services unless specifically qualified as included.
  15. Any acoustic linings to structure or acoustic reports.
  16. The preparation of L2 compliance documents, EPC certification, BREEAM calculations, thermal modelling or any actions associated with these or improvements required for compliance.
  17. All below ground drainage and adaptors and any testing up to their installed point.
  18. All electrical power and control wiring and testing for the MSER unless specifically tender summary qualified to the contrary.
  19. Any void detection or protection.
  20. All PS Systems, toilet roll holders, soap dispensers and toilet furniture.
  21. Kitchen equipment, kitchen sinks and other kitchen furniture.


In association with our tender letter we have based our quotation / tender / proposal on the following assumptions:

  1. M&E PC will be effective when beneficial use of the M&E become apparent.
  2. All existing services are compliant with current statutory recommendations.
  3. Existing services can be satisfactorily isolated locally using existing valves.
  4. That all external ducts are unobstructed. Any delays caused will be chargeable.
  5. Where equal and approved materials are specified, equipment offered is acceptable.
  6. Car parking spaces will be provided for our operatives.
  7. Deliveries can be made during normal working hours.
  8. Service routes and service sizes can be accommodated by the building structure.
  9. Systems to be filled/tested/dosed/chlorinated and demonstrated once only.
  10. All pattresses and wall strengthening will be by others.
  11. Where the project is D&B the tender drawings are indicative only, design to be carried out by SBS.
  12. All white goods are to be supplied by the client.
  13. All magnetic door locks are supplied and install by the client including containment.
  14. That all active equipment for the Data system will be free issue from the client.
  15. No additional works / costs have been allowed to account for partial handovers.
  16. Mutual agreement to any proposed programme periods and makes allowance for continuous, free and uninterrupted working at all times with unrestricted access to our areas of work. Working Hours have been assumed to be between 0730 to 1800hrs, Monday to Friday.
  17. SBS have included for a maximum of 1 day client training within our quotation / tender / proposal, if any client training duration is specifically identified within the contract documents.
  18. All routes containing gas pipework will be sufficiently ventilated by others.


In association with our tender letter we have based our quotation / tender / proposal on the assumption that the project shall be based upon the following contractual agreements:

  1. We hereby confirm that, notwithstanding any other provision of any sub-contract entered into by ourselves, the sub-contract shall not purport to confer on any 3rd party any right to enforce any term of the sub-contract for the purposes of contracts, (Rights & Third Parties) Act 1999 (whether or not in force).
  2. Once services, fittings, plant and equipment have been fixed in position SBS will no longer be responsible for its protection. Any repair or replacement if damaged or stolen will be the entire responsibility of [the Contractor] to rectify, repair or replace. SBS will accept instructions to repair or replace damaged or stolen fittings, plant and equipment etc. on the strict agreement that all associated costs of the work covered by the instruction will be reimbursed as per SBS’ variation quotation for the works. In addition, should any damaged or stolen items delay the completion of the works then SBS require an extension of time to our contract period. Where our materials are stored on site [the Contractor] will be responsible for security and shall indemnify SBS for any losses incurred due to damage or theft.
  3. Dayworks & Variations- Should any dayworks or variations be required during the contract period they will be calculated in accordance with the HVCA/ECA/JIB definition of prime cost of daywork with the following percentage additions to the relevant rates with industry labour constants applied to enable both parties’ quantification. ECA/JIB/HVCA Labour 180%, Materials/Sub-Con 20%, Plant 15%
  4. Our quotation / tender will remain open for acceptance for a period of 60 days unless previously withdrawn.
  5. Where no conditions have been supplied our tender is based on the relevant unamended JCT sub-contract and the standard Sleaford Building Services Ltd Terms and Conditions.
  6. SBS’ quotation / tender / proposal along with these terms and conditions shall be included and listed within this contract as the highest priority document.
  7. SBS reserve the right to revise any tender summary that is to form SBS’ contract activity schedule.
  8. Where conditions have been supplied forming part of this tender enquiry, it does not constitute acceptance of the contract conditions. Conditions are subject to our mutual agreement prior to the placing of any order/contract agreement.
  9. We have assumed that our quotation along with these terms & conditions will be included within any purchase order or sub-contract that is issued to SBS.
  10. Drawings or documents issued to SBS are deemed to be an “instruction to incorporate / proceed accordingly” for the detailed changes.
  11. If any variation quotations are confirmed as required via the main contractor by responding to an SBS variation quotation informing SBS that the variation quotation is “Instructed”, “noted”, “proceed”, “agreed”, or any other similar words then SBS’ variation quotation is deemed to be accepted and officially instructed at the value stated within SBS’ instruction quotation.
  12. SBS’ contract value and instructed variation account will not be revalued post SBS practical completion of the works by the main contractor if no omission of SBS’ scope was agreed up to the date of practical completion.
  13. SBS reserve the right to review the contract payment durations to a period of 14 days from application to final date for payment if any parties relating to the contract financial position becomes unacceptable in SBS’ opinion. SBS also reserve the right to terminate any contract if any parties relating to the contract financial position becomes unacceptable in SBS’ opinion.